July 7, 2019

Politics news

To celebrate the fourth of July, Michigan representative Justin Amash announced his “independence” from the Republican Party and sparked a series of positive and negative reactions.

Amash previously warned that he was the first – and so far – sitting member of the Republican Party in Congress to support the indictment of President Donald Trump.

On Thursday he started the holiday weekend with the Declaration of Independence on Twitter. The congressman followed this tweet with a second post that contained a link to a comment for which he had written The Washington Post announcement that he would officially break with the Republican Party.

His announcement and the resulting massive response made “Justin Amash” one of the top trending topics on Twitter. User responses included: people welcoming the congressman to quit the party; Republicans who express feelings of liberation; Skeptics who wanted to see more action from Amash before making a decision; and those who criticized the way he announced he was breaking the GOP.

Trump trembles in front of party colleague Justin Amash

Trump called the announcement “good news” for the Republican Party because Amash was one of the “dumbest” and “most disloyal men in Congress”.

“No agreement, no disability! He knew he could no longer get the nomination for the Great State of Michigan. Already challenged for his seat. A total loser! “Trump closed his tweet.

Republican political strategist Michael Caputo expressed similar sentiments and posted on Twitter that Amash was never “one of us”, and radio presenter Larry Elder wondered if Amash would be hired as a political commentator for MSNBC, presumably because the presenters said that Cable News Network would have been openly critical of Trump.