July 8, 2019


British US ambassador calls Trump government “incompetent”

The British Ambassador to the United States has described US President Donald Trump and his government as “incompetent” and “incompetent” in confidential reports, according to a press release. As the British newspaper Mail on Sunday reported, diplomat Kim Darroch said in secret briefings to the State Department in London that the Trump presidency would “crash” and “end shamefully.”

In an 2017 internal assessment, Darroch states, “From the current standpoint, we really do not believe that this government will become much more normal, less dysfunctional, less unpredictable, less divided, less diplomatically awkward and incompetent.” Referring to Trump He: “For a man who has risen to the highest office on the planet, President Trump radiates uncertainty.”

Kim Darroch Trump inept
Kim Darroch Trump inept

Trump, who was received by Queen Elizabeth II last month, is also described as “incompetent”, according to the report. A telegram following the controversial state visit to the UK says Trump’s team is “blinded” by the visit. However, the ambassador warned that Britain would not remain “the flower of the month” because “this is still the land of America First.”

No denial by the British Foreign Ministry

Darroch is considered one of the UK’s most experienced diplomats and took up his post in Washington in January 2016.┬áThe estimates come from the period from 2017 – when Trump took office in January – to the present day.

The British Foreign Office did not question the authenticity of the endorsements. “The British public expects our ambassadors to provide the ministers with a sincere, unvarnished assessment of their country’s policies,” a ministry spokeswoman said. “Their views are not necessarily the views of the ministers or the government,” she said, adding, “We pay them to be honest.”

According to “Mail on Sunday”, the despatches were probably stabbed by a member of the British bureaucratic apparatus.